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Ultra-fast 4G LTE has arrived.
We welcome Wolfe Island to our LTE Network.
Get out of the slow lane join us in the fast lane with SpeedFI!
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Residential SolutionsGet the support you deserve. Affordable, reliable, high-speed Internet is avaliable locally right now. Welcome to SpeedFI. The new choice for those of you who don't feel you have a lot of choices.
 call 1-888-961-4786
Services Include
  • Internet
  • Phone
  • Wifi
Bussiness SolutionsWhether your organization is new or established, small or growing, we have the bussiness solutions to help it succeed.

 call 1-888-961-4786
Services Include
  • Internet
  • Phone
  • Wifi
  • Web Hosting

Latest Projects

  • LTE

    Deploy the all new LTE Network.

  • GigaPoP

    Deploying all new GigaPoP to Wolfe Island town.

  • Mesh Wifi
    Mesh Wifi

    Deploying Free WiFi for our customers.

Up to 250 Mbps
High speed internet

We Deliver High Speed Internet To Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec
Service Include LTE, Giga PoP, Cable, DSL Technology.

InternetWe provide affordable, reliable, high-speed Internet.

PricesAt prices you will like.

Join the SpeedFI Network and get into the fast lane with SpeedFI.